Important Steps In Shaving the Beard and Mustache

By Jason A Smail | Health

Mar 29

Do you want to shave? Visit ageless men to find out what you need to prepare. Preparation is the first stage you should do when you want to shave.

Many people tend to skip this step and choose to directly shave. In fact, shaved when dry skin conditions can cause irritation redness, rash, or hair that grows inward. Prepared shaving includes washing face with warm water to remove impurities, open pores, and soften fine hair. Perform shaving after a bath or facial scrub, or apply a pre-shave oil before you start shaving. For those of you who have thick beards or sensitive skin, pre-shave oil helps you to stretch the hair and moisturize the skin so that the razor blades run smoothly.

Always use a quality shaving cream. Choose a glycerine-based shaving cream product and do not use any shaved products containing menthol, which can close the pores and tighten the hair shaft. When applying shaving cream, let stand for 2-3 minutes to soften the hair. In addition, instead of using hands to apply the cream, use a kabuki brush with natural fur. Kabuki brush serves to push the cream into the hair interrupted for faster absorbed, making it easier for your shaving process.

The primary key of a clean and smooth shave is the quality of your razor. It does not matter whether your razor has one or two pairs of blades. Both work equally well, but the most important is the knife sharpness. Start the process of shaving from the area of both ears, then down toward the cheeks, mouth, and chin.

Using your hands-free, hold and stretch the facial area to be shaved. Start shaving with a short dragging movement, in the direction of the hair growth path. Rinse the razor and repeat the use of shaving cream every time it will repeat shaving. If you want a really smooth razor, apply back shaving cream and this time, move the razor slowly in the opposite direction of the hairline. But understand the risks: You will be more vulnerable to cuts of iris, infection, or new hair that grows inward. Do not push the razor too hard when shaving.

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