Important Things to Know About Atelier condo showflat and Amenities Around

By Jason A Smail | General

Aug 24

The Atelier condo showflat is located at 2 Makeway Avenue in the Newton Area, which only 5 mins drive from the Orchard Road. You can also reach it in 10 to 15 minutes from the Central Business and Financial Districts of Raffles Places. If you walk from Newton station, you will roughly spend 6 mins walk in about 400 metres as well. This place is one of the most popular and reputable areas in 2019, so there are many people want to make their future investment by using it.

If you want to know about the Atelier condo showflat and amenities around, you can just check the information below.

The Atelier condo showflat and Amenities Around

The Atelier condo showflat is designed to maximise and also efficient use of space, which will make people amazed with the layout. This place is so strategic and has variety op top facilities, such as restaurants, schools, and shopping malls, like the Zhongshan Mall, City Square Mall, Shaw Plaza, Suntec City, etc.

It’s not only that, the amenities around the Newton Area is about food centre. If you’re a food lover, visiting this area is the best solution. It has a food centre which is large and fully equipped with partying facilities. Beside that, there is a private property like terraces and houses that semi-detached for your family.

Even if its popular with a name as a sleepy town beside Orchard, but this place is fully equipped by 1 hotel, two industrial estates, shopping malls, 1 supermarket, 1 primary school, or other educational institutions from University to Kindergarten as well. There are also some hospitals that will keep your family health in Singapore. So, are you interested to visit or even having this place?

That’s all the information about Atelier condo showflat and Amenities Around it. So you need to choose the residential with great amenities in its surroundings. It will be the best place to stay with your family, right?

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