Infrared And Electric Garage Heaters Can Heat Your Garage Effectively

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Nov 13

The garage must be warm in winter, this is a guarantee that the car will not rust and “rot” from reagents. Infrared garage heaters are gaining popularity. It is customary to fix it in a suspended state at a certain height. Due to its performance characteristics, the floor is heated, which in turn gives off heat to the top. Meanwhile, you can also check out the best electric garage heater if you want to replace your old heater with the new one.

It is customary to distinguish three types of locations and/or heaters, which are installed depending on the purpose of heating:

– when operating a garage in the form of a workshop, they put an additional heater directly over the work area, and turn it on as needed;

– maintaining the temperature at +5 0 degree celcius in the room to ensure good car safety, while calculating the required power according to the formula: 50 W for 1m 2;

– if it is necessary to establish convenient parameters at the level of +20 0 degree celcius, the number of heat sources increases, another formula is calculated: 100 W per 1 m 2.

The positive qualities of infrared heating include a high degree of reliability, durability, sufficient heating area, etc.

Using electricity

Electric radiator – the simplest and least expensive unit

This option is recognized as economical in terms of the relatively low cost of electrical equipment. Various air heaters or electric fireplaces are available in large numbers. The garage owner can choose according to the following characteristics:

– dimensions (from small, tome to massive);

– power (parameters affect the heating rate and power consumption);

– means of adjustment (there are two positions, but there are devices with the ability to smoothly adjust the desired heating);

– installation options (floor-standing or suspended structures).

The application of this method depends on the availability of electrical outlets in the garage. Apart from positive qualities, there are also negative qualities. These include relatively high electricity costs, relatively low efficiency, the device has a short service life.

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