Installing Sliding Door with These Tips

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 06

Currently, sliding doors made of glass and would tend to be more expensive than aluminum or uPVC material sliding doors. So, choose double barn door hardware that is in accordance with your budget.

If the interior of the house is minimalist, glass sliding doors are the ideal choice. If the funds are insufficient, the alternative can be to use uPVC sliding doors with white and glass frames. Like other elements of the house, the color of the frame and the sliding door frame must match the color of the theme of the room. Installation of sliding doors is usually done with the following stages:

1. The sides of the door are shaved/flattened using a drawstring machine on the bottom, top, right and left side. The elbow part is made to be precise in all parts.

2. Two pairs of wheels are pinned at the top of the door using a drilling machine to make it easier to install the bolt later.

3. The next step is to install the sliding door slot. The trick is to make a hole in the door that matches the size of the slot you want to install. Sliding door handles are also installed at this stage.

4. Create a hole that is parallel to the bottom of the door 1 cm deep and 1 cm wide. This hole will later function as a barrier to the door when opened and closed.

5. Installing sliding door rails that have been adjusted to the size of the sliding door. After that, the door is attached to the following rail lock so that the door is not removed when shifted.

6. After that, install the lower part of the door using a drilling machine with a special drill bit for concrete.

7. Test the performance of the sliding door by opening and closing it repeatedly.

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