Interesting Facts from Thailand

By Jason A Smail | General

Jul 19

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Do you think you know all about Thailand? You may be surprised if you finished reading a list of some exciting facts about Thailand.

1. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, crowned as the hottest city in the world! Make sure if you want a holiday there is well prepared to avoid dehydration.

2. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation that has never been colonized by European countries. In fact, in Thai, the country’s name is Prathet Thai which means “free land.”

3. Thailand is where you will find the smallest and largest creature. The world’s smallest mammal, bat bees, is found in Thailand. You can also find the largest fish, whale shark, in the waters of Thailand.

4. All the men become Buddhist monks for a while. There was a time when all young men in Thailand (including nobles) were asked to become Buddhist monks, even for a short time before they were 20 years old.

5. There are about 35,000 temples in Thailand. Thailand is really the land of the temple. Visiting these temples requires a simple and polite outfit, meaning no shorts or a sleeveless shirt.

6. People often admire the forests of Thailand. What most people do not realize is that more than a hundred years ago, almost all of northern Thailand was covered in hardwood forests. Currently, about a quarter of the forest is abandoned. Only Singapore lost more trees than this. For this reason, logging is strictly prohibited in Thailand.

7. Thailand is home to many animals. About a tenth of all the animal varieties on the planet refers to Thailand as home and one-tenth of all bird varieties on earth. So it can be called Thailand has more birds than a combination of Europe and America!

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