Introducing Rap Music To Some People Can Be Challenging

By Jason A Smail | General

Dec 08

If we return to Rap Music, of course as part of Hip-Hop culture, of course, this Rap music must adjust the points of “Hip-Hop Declaration Of Peace.” That means, this Rap music respects human dignity, has a message for know yourself, respect institutions, and no one should make themselves number one if they have not contributed and credibility, and can be done by all groups, regardless of certain groups. So, from this declaration, it can be concluded that in essence, rap music must be educational, with a message that can be captured by everyone, and can be conveyed differently. Also, Rap music must be able to touch all people in society, because this music is also inspired by street life that emphasizes the struggle for life. Additionally, if you need some excellent rap music for your videos or ads, you can Buy beats on a very good music store.

Rap music is also special music because compared to other genres, which prioritizes sound quality, such as pop or country, or perhaps prioritizes the quality of accompanying music, such as classical or EDM. But this Rap music prioritizes the quality of the lyrics, because Rap music is lengthened as Rhyme And Poetry, or better, Rhyme, Articulation, and Poetry. Elements of all of them can of course be found in the form of lyrics, of course without forgetting the messages contained in the peace Declaration, namely giving positive messages to mankind.

In introducing rap music to people who are not yet interested in this music, of course, we don’t have to invite popular people to join in rapping. Everyone can become a rapper, but they also have to realize that making rap lyrics is not an easy job, it must require great skill, technique, and deepening. I am still learning how to make good and correct rap lyrics.

Increasing the public’s appreciation of Rap music does not only start with changing the listeners’ taste for good rap but of course, there must be a role for the music media to introduce the true meaning of rap music.

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