Keeping your car garage clean and neat

By Jason A Smail | General

Mar 10

Car garages are often unconsciously playing a very important role in occupancy in our daily lives. Of course, the main function of the garage protects our vehicles from various elements such as rainwater and solar heat. Moreover, garages are often used as storage space, such as workshop equipment, garden tools, garbage cans, and much more. Naturally, yes, if the garage is finally filled with various equipment. If it is so, often times we have trouble finding the equipment needed because the goods are scattered everywhere. Not infrequently there is also a small accident in the garage, such as tripped and injured due to exposure to sharp objects. The following solutions from can help us overcome the overcrowded garage due to a large number of items.

Built-in cabinet

This idea may require a large budget, but it is still worth considering if we have prepared more funds. Create cabinets along the walls to the walls and floors up to the ceiling, the ultimate goal for us easier to keep all the tools neatly. Goods are more organized and can be grouped by type or frequency of use.

A versatile bench

Extra long benches placed next to the garage door can be the right storage solution. The presence of comfortable hooks, drawers, and chairs can be a smart storage medium in the garage.

On the other hand, the key of the vehicle can be attached to the hook and other items can be stored in the bottom drawer of the chair. As for the seat can be used to sit around or put clean items while waiting for the car to be heated.

The upper porch

The third way, high garage ceilings can be utilized as additional space in small garages. Furthermore, space is used as a storage area. Provide wooden stairs with interconnecting spaces. In this way, the car garage not only looks neat but also looks artistic.

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