Know Some Types Of Navigation On A Website

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Mar 17

A website certainly has various elements that must be in it. This concerns how the websites provide information to readers. For that, the website design should also be made very precisely in order to provide good navigation to the reader. One of the options you can make to design your website is Miami Web Design. With the right design, you will get a website that can increase the number of visitors the website.

Navigation tools must always be on a website because it will make the website visitors feel helpful and not waste their time to find the content they need. For that, there are several types of navigation you need to know, like

1. Horizontal Navigation
This navigation is made with a text-based always the base. This is a general and frequently used menu by most websites. The horizontal menu usually consists of a list of sections of the site. usually, they also use one or two words to describe the menu.

2. Vertical Navigation
In addition to horizontal, this menu is also much used on the website. This menu usually consists in the left or right sidebar. This menu also has the bullets or text, or even there are only provide text only.

3. Text and Description
Usually, this menu form is horizontal, but the difference that usually exists on this menu is that each menu has a short description located underneath. This is made to make it easier for readers to know the contents of the menu.

4. Icon
The shape of this menu is usually vertical but has an icon in addition to writing to give a more lively impression. Because usually, with a given icon will indirectly describe the contents of the menu.

5. Sub Menu
This is usually used by horizontal navigation. For submenus, it is usually still part of the drop-down menu, or in other words, a smaller part of the menu is horizontal and usually more specific.

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