Know the Guidelines for Consuming Vitamins and Supplements that Correctly Aged Here

By Jason A Smail | General

Oct 31

Vitamins and minerals clearly become substances that are needed by the body. All types of vitamins and minerals will make your body fresher every day. A body that lacks vitamins and minerals will not be able to become fresh and fit in carrying out activities and work every day. So, many people take the right multivitamin supplements. Find the right multivitamin supplement by reading Amway Nutrilite Daily reviews.

Vitamins and minerals are indeed very important substances for the body so that the body can work optimally. However, taking vitamins or supplements can also not be arbitrary because there are several guidelines that you must follow according to your age.

1. At the age of children and adolescents
Important vitamins and minerals needed by children up to adolescence are calcium and vitamin D. Both help strong bone and muscle growth. By supplementing vitamin D and calcium in your child to adolescence, you will avoid bone fragility in adulthood and old age.
You can get both from various types of foods such as spinach and dairy products.

2. In their 20s
You still need vitamins and supplements at this age. But you also need additional vitamins and other minerals. This is usually based on your body condition and diet. For example, vegetarians and vegans (eating only fruits and vegetables) need additional vitamin B12 supplements because these vitamins are usually only found in animal products.

3. In your 30s
To reduce the risk of chronic diseases, the body needs an additional intake of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet. One way is to eat fish twice a week. You can consume catfish, tuna, salmon, and also sardines which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, you can also consume it from other food or the right supplement if you need it.

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