Know these before you buy a used house with the mortgage

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Oct 12

Even though you will buy a used house, it does not mean that you can choose any house. Because there are also used houses that have very high value. Therefore, look for home references with the selling price close to the maximum amount you are paying. Do not let the process of buying this house burden you in the future. Apart from that, you can go to situs di sini  if you buy lots of lands or properties in Lombok.

Payment of used houses begins with paying an advance of 20% to 30% of the selling price of the house. The installment amount is usually 30% of your monthly income. Monthly payments must not exceed the 30% limit, because it is likely that your request will be rejected.

Determine the dream house and negotiate

If you have determined the house that you feel is right, you can start the negotiation process with the seller. But negotiating the selling price of the house should not be done carelessly. You need to see the physical condition and the environment around the house. is the building still in a new or old building? Is there a lot of damage in it? How is the clean water and dirty water system, electricity network and so on?

You also need to do a lot of surveys of the selling price of houses with the type that resembles the house you are targeting. So that your offer price is not too far away and results in the purchase process being canceled. Don’t forget to ask for completeness of the sale and purchase transaction documents such as land legality, SHM certificate, IMB certificate, UN certificate and so on.

Make a sale and purchase agreement letter

If you have found a sale price agreement and feel confident with the house, immediately make an agreement with the seller. The contents are so that the homeowner does not sell the house to another party or does not change the price during the period of the mortgage submission. This agreement can be signed using stamp duty to make it more reliable.

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