Know this if you’re selecting flower bouquets for a gift

By Jason A Smail | General

Oct 26

Flower bouquets are often a means of expressing sympathy or happiness in someone. There are various types of bouquets that we can adjust to your wishes. However, there are some things that we must pay attention to when buying bouquets of flowers. Of course, we want to give the best to the parties we give, right? One of them is making sure the flowers we send will bloom on time. Aside from that, you can go to floristerias medellin if you’re looking for high-quality flowers.

often someone wants the flowers sent to bloom. In fact, if the flower has bloomed when it is sent, it has the potential to wither when it arrives at the place of shipment. Abroad, people buy Lily Flowers when their buds or half bloom. So once placed at home, the flowers bloom and can be enjoyed for several days or even a week.


Flower care is also another important thing. Experts advise us to make sure the flowers are selected fresh to the point of delivery. Flowers must get enough water from the floral foam. According to him, there are still many sellers who do not understand how to store good water through this special foam. Of course, we hope this series lasts three days a week, so floral foam must store a lot of water.

In addition, choose the type of flower that tends to last longer. Long-lasting interest does not mean import. Our country has a very rich flora and can be an option for shipments. In addition to roses and lilies, some local flowers such as celosia, chrysanthemums, to snapdragon. There are already lots of pretty good local flora that sometimes people don’t know this has been planted in this country.

We can also choose to give dried flowers. Furthermore, this can be done because someone has experienced problems with a genuine flower that has withered or just wants to give something unique. He probably gave a bouquet of gifts to his friend but was unable to survive. It was not until campus, the flowers had fainted. That often. Finally, he sent dried flowers. It’s quite unique.

Finally, make sure the bouquets are arranged properly and the material does not fall, fall out or break when lifted.

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