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By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Sep 29

The beauty that a carpet offer makes excuses such as the amount of dust that will stick there forgotten. The carpet is indeed one of the elements of the house that can add aesthetic value to the room. water damage carpet drying agrees to make the room more beautiful and eye-catching. Carpets are generally placed in three parts of the house, namely in the living room, family room, and bedroom. Laying a carpet in the living room can make the room more comfortable and more welcoming. Especially if it can be displayed with a neat color combination, which can make the living room more lively. Guests who come can feel the closeness and warmth of your living room!

In choosing a carpet several things must be considered. One of them is the size and shape of the carpet. We recommend that you adjust the carpet to the style and size of your room. For a small living room, you should not use a large carpet because it can create a narrow impression in your room. Also, avoid using carpets with the edge of the carpet hitting the wall. You also have to pay attention to the material from the carpet. Nylon rugs are more heat resistant and easy to clean from dirt or food and drink stains. Carpets made of wool and acrylic can be the right choice at an affordable price. Also pay attention to the thickness of the carpet, because a carpet that is too thick can make your room feel hot.

Cloth rugs with stripes are usually not a favorite choice, even though this motif can give a room a sweet impression. To look chic, choose a striped motif whose size is like the image above. Oh yes, especially for this one motif, don’t choose a carpet with a size of more than 2 × 3 meters. Yes, stripes have the potential to make the room more crowded and crowded if you choose the wrong size. For those of you who like a modern look in the interior of the house, a carpet with a Chevron motif can be a mainstay. The Chevron motif has indeed been a trend recently.
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