Maintaining the Kitchen Appliance with Different Material

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 10

Kitchen equipment that is used almost every day should be treated properly so that the equipment can be long-lived and in a condition that is ready to use whenever we will need it, do not let us use it, it turns out the equipment is damaged or lacking in quality just because we are not good in caring for it. Do you have the interest to collect h2o at home product reviews which will tell you how there is a good product for the home appliance cleaning needs?

Tips for caring for kitchen utensils made of wood or bamboo,

To treat this type of equipment is not too difficult, we just need to keep the equipment so that it is always clean of food scraps and dry when stored. the way is to wash it with a soap dish that contains orange or lemon scents and then rinse it with clean water and dried it. Especially for cutting boards that are often associated with meat or fish the way to treat it is to moisten it with cooking oil on the surface that has leftover meat or fish the stick is then soaked with hot water, after that the cutting board can be washed using dishwashing soap, then rinsed and dried or dried until dry.

Tips for caring for kitchen utensils made of glass

The glass material is very easy to clean because every stain or dirt that sticks will not stick long, the washing process is very easy for us to just soak it in water and wash it with dishwashing soap and rinse the equipment to be clean again. What needs to be considered is the storage, the glass material is very easy to break if hit by a hard object or fall on a hard object, then keep these items to avoid the things above. use it when stored in piles or wrap it with cardboard so it doesn’t break when bumped against other objects or with similar materials.

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