Making your dog obeys you

By Jason A Smail | General

Feb 14

Who does not want to have a dog obedient to his master? Of course, all dog owners want to make the dogs of obedience obedient. However, as with humans, every dog has a different character and psychology. Training your dog is a big necessity, so it will be able to behave properly whenever you’re wearing it a leather lead to walking with you to the park.

Some of the following tricks may be tried to make a dog obedient to the employer:

Get upset with your dog. Frequently invite her to communicate. Dogs talk to us through energy, body language, facial features, tail and ear movements, posture and sound. With closeness, the dog will be easier to train and listen to you.

Invite dogs to talk, use gentle intonation for good behavior. If dog behavior is not good, use low intonation but firmly both hand gestures and commands.

Do not force dogs to exercise if Dogs are not in a good mood or are not healthy. If forced, the dog will often make mistakes, then you are legal, and the dog’s mental will go down. And to raise the spirit of the dog again, it took a long time.

Recognize the nature and character of your dog. Each dog has different abilities. Give the exercises he has mastered new exercises that have not mastered them.

Practice dogs consistently. For example, if you do not like him going up on a chair, do not let your dog ride on a chair. If occasionally allowed, occasionally not allowed, will make your dog confused.

Make the exercise a fun activity. Invite the dog to play while practicing. Do 10 minutes of exercise, then rest 1-2 minutes. Continue again with the next 10 minutes of practice. Repeat the exercises that have been mastered at the beginning of the exercise. Come with games like throwing a ball.

Do not treat your dog roughly or play physically. In punishment, do not hit dogs. But do it with a reward strategy. If a smart dog gives his favorite gift. But if the dog does not do what you want, the law by not giving it a gift, not with a punch. The prizes can be: treats his favorite, praise, and caresses. Dogs are fond of attention, so attention can be a gift to them.

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