Mandatory equipment when the electricity goes out

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Feb 13

When a power outage occurs suddenly, the flashlight is the first thing you need to take! The practical model makes it easier for you to explore the house in the dark and look for other items needed when the electricity goes out. On the other hand, hire the professional electrician singapore when there’s a problem with the electrical installation in your property check my site.

For that, put a flashlight in a place where you are memorized and easily accessible.

Emergency Light

In addition to a flashlight that helps illuminate when walking in the area of the house, emergency lights have the main function to provide lighting in each room. Compared to candles which are prone to causing fa ire, emergency lights are safer because they use battery power.

The shape of this emergency lamp also varies. There are fluorescent tube lights, hanging lamps, and the bulb-shaped ones that can be hung on the ceiling of the house. When the power goes out, don’t forget to immediately recharge the emergency lights to keep them fully charged.

Portable Fan

If you are accustomed to using air conditioners such as air conditioners or fans, you certainly will not feel comfortable when you turn off the electricity. For this reason, portable fans are one of the things that must be owned.

This rechargeable fan that works with battery power is available in various models and sizes. The price is also relatively affordable, so it can be a cheap investment that can be carried anywhere when the temperature is quite hot.


When your cellphone runs out of battery in the midst of a power-down home, a charger like a power bank will be very helpful. For that, make sure your power bank is always charged to keep the phone on.

In addition to the power bank, you may also need a battery-filled box to prepare for the flashlight and various other electronic objects. For larger power backup needs, you may also prepare a car battery or generator for cases of power failure in the long term.

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