Not Always Flat, The Number Plate In This Country Is Very Unique

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 06

In Australia, there is a small state in the continent, Victoria. In that place, it turns out the number plate becomes a very interesting thing because the license plate license is very unique. The number plate is really needed for every vehicle you want to use on the street. This is so that the vehicle can be easily identified and identified. If the vehicle is lost, the owner can license plate lookup to make their vehicle easily found. In addition, the license plate can also be used as the identity of the owner of the car, because now someone can make their own combination letters and numbers on the license plate of their vehicle.

In Victoria, a vehicle’s license plate is brightly colored and the numbers on the license plate are blue with a combination of three digits behind and a smaller reminder on the bottom. In this place, vehicle owners can also create their own combination of numbers and letters for their license plate. However, just like in any other country, here to make your own combination is charged $ 300. Payments must also be submitted directly to the authorities at the venue.

For the writing, in fact, has been made several changes. Counting to 2014, there has been a change in writing in the license plate of the vehicle three times. This paper cannot be replaced at will by the owners of vehicles. Vehicle owners can only make combinations of numbers and letters on the plate license.

To register the license plate number, it is usually called Rego and is paid online and valid for one year after the registration. Later, the owner of the vehicle will get a sticker rego that will be affixed to their vehicle. however, the sticker is no longer in use since 2014, so the owner of the vehicle must check itself whether the license plate of their vehicle is still valid or not. Because if it does not apply, then they have to register again.

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