Pastel colors are surprisingly compatible with the kitchen

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Nov 20

Providing pastel shades on kitchen window curtains has proven to effectively give a brighter shadow to the entire kitchen area if the curtains are exposed to sunlight. Especially if your kitchen space is basically designed in dark colors. With the presence of calm pastel colors on the curtains, the kitchen room looks attractive and more interestingly, the room remains illuminated by natural lighting. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to hire the professional painters near your location, whenever you want to paint your house but you’re simply too busy to do it on your own.

You can also give pastel accents on the kitchen floor

If you want to give a touch of pastel color to the area under the kitchen, install pastel colored tiles on the kitchen floor of your home. As with granite counters, ceramic floors have a variety of pastel color variations such as peach, cherry and cream colors which certainly give a unique texture to the kitchen floor in your home.

With pastel colors on the floor area, the whole kitchen will feel more dramatic and certainly more calm and soothing.

Pastel colors are also suitable for display on the kitchen island

Pulai kitchen is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen room which certainly can be the main focus on decorating the room. For that, presenting pastel colors on the kitchen island or simply combining them with other colors is the right choice. The beauty of pastel color lies in its ability to adjust to other colors. So when you try to bring pastel colors to the kitchen island, you won’t worry when you want to mix them with bright colors.

For example in the area under the kitchen, you can paint it with bright blue, then in the top area, you can choose the color of turquoise which will certainly be very fitting combined with the bright blue color earlier.

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