Process gas compressor mechanism and what the benefit of it

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Sep 12

Process gas compressor is a compressor that uses a rotating impeller or vane to increase the speed and pressure of the fluid (gas). This compressor produces a large volume of compressed air at a small pressure. Centrifugal and axial process gas compressor are 2 types of dynamic compressors. The process gas compressor uses centrifugal force principles, air enters through the inlet side in the center of the compressor, then passes through the rotating impeller, and passes the volute cassing before exiting to the compressor outlet. The axial compressor consists of a rotating blade on the rotor, and a silent blade on the stator side. This compressor uses the principle of axial force, with the air flow in the direction of the axis axis.

Examples of the use of process gas compressor include jet engines, gas turbines, superchargers and turbochargers in diesel engines, chemical companies, air conditioning and refrigerators, and so on. A positive displacement compressor is a compressor that produces high-pressure air by lowering the volume. One type of positive process gas compressor is a reciprocating compressor with a piston that you use very much to meet on the edges of the highway, on large air conditioners, and also on automotive engines.

Other types of positive displacement process gas compressor include rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors, and scroll process gas compressor. Rotary screw compressor uses 2 spinning helical screw to produce compressed air. These compressors are widely used in large industries that require large amounts of compressed air such as in power plants for example. As for the scroll compressor using 2 vane in the form of a spiral, the position of the two are not parallel. The process gas compressor working principle of this compressor can be more clearly observed in the following figure.

All of these process gas compressor mechanisms change the refrigeration state from a freezer compressor, one that can be attractively listed. Initially the gas refrigerant in the orange compressor freezer. This process gas compressor is exactly when compression begins. After that as it then turns into a liquid from the compressor for valve expansion, the color also turns into purple. The third change takes place at the end of the evaporation process.

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