Recognize the Causes of Car Glass and How to Prevent it

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 28

Cars are indeed a vehicle of choice for many people to achieve their goals. all parts of the car are required to be maintained in order to be perfectly maintained. One of the most frequent parts of the damage is glass. The cracked and broken glass of the car will be very disturbing to you. However, you can now repair cracked and broken glass windows in Windshield Repair. There are several reasons why the windshield is cracked and broken. However, you can override all such damage in various ways

Some of the right causes and coping methods are

1. Scratched Wiper
Normal condition windshield wiper will not cause damage to your windshield. However, under certain circumstances, the wipers who are the helper when the rain and the moisture glass will be your greatest enemy. This is because if you use the wiper too often and at a high speed, then most likely windshield scratched by the wiper will be even greater.
Then, how to prevent it? There are several ways you can do, like
– Do not turn on the wipers in the rain that is not too heavy. Hard and small dirt that is not visible to the eye is often attached to the glass even in the wiper itself. This will cause the glass to be easy to stitch. You can water first in the windshield before using the wiper.
– Check the condition of wiper rubber periodically. Immediately change when saw the rubber signs are not elastic anymore.

2. Cracked or Broken
The front glass is a glass that often cracks or even breaks. There are some things that cause your windshield to be quickly cracked or broken, like rocks or gravel, prevent cracks in your car by keeping a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you, especially at high speeds. Defogger, defogger will trigger an increase in temperature in some glass surfaces. This will cause your windshield to be cracked and even broken.

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