Risk of Drinking Alcohol

By Jason A Smail | Health

Dec 12

If a person drinks alcohol outside his body’s tolerance threshold, the alcohol content in the blood will turn out to be very toxic. You can become very confused, unresponsive, experience short breathing, even lose consciousness until coma. To find out more about this, you can click here.

When you consume alcohol, the liver will work to filter alcohol, toxic substances for the body, from the blood. The body is specifically designed to be able to work faster-filtering alcohol than filtering out leftovers because alcohol will be absorbed faster into the blood. However, the heart can only process limited amounts of alcohol at one time; about one unit of alcohol (equivalent to 1 bottle of beer 330 ml or 80 ml of red wine 13%) every one hour.

If you consume more than two units in one hour, that means you add the workload of the liver to filter out toxic alcohol residues and will continue to accumulate following your next glass. Plus, the faster you drink, the higher the alcohol level in your blood.

Alcohol impact on the central nervous system while heart rate and breathing slowly, increasing the risk of seizures, and a drastic reduction in body temperature (hypothermia). Alcohol also related to the gag reflex system, which makes the risk of choking with vomit higher, if the person faints after drinking so much alcohol at one time. Blood alcohol levels can keep increase even if the person faints.

If alcohol poisoning is very extreme, you can experience coma and ultimately lead to death.

According to the CDC, besides harming themselves, binge drinking can also threaten the safety of others. This includes the increased risk of motorized accidents and killings, sexual crimes and the transmission of venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, child abuse, to domestic violence.

Blood alcohol levels which reached 0.08 percent are illegal limits to driving in many parts of the world.

Every person that chooses to stop consuming alcohol usually assumes, “I can’t consume alcohol anymore.” Thoughts such as this can keep a person “clean” from alcohol and this is very important as a difficulty for yourself. Your life, if you are in control, consisting of in issues of stopping as well as staying clear of alcohol consumption alcohol, as well as altering your life to live a better as well as much healthier life. Bear in mind, this is your choice and this is your life, your decision must be respected.

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