See The Best Ways To Prevent Pests Come Home

By Jason A Smail | Health

Jan 18

How do you keep the house free of pests? What is the best way to prevent pest attacks? Probably the most common question every homeowner needs an answer. If you live in Orange County, you can entrust pest problems to the pest control orange county because here we have years of experience anthem pest control.

Now, do you know the best way to control pests is to prevent them from coming home? Below are some of the precautions needed to prevent pests from coming to your house. Let’s find out together!

– Clean the house regularly

Most pests come to the house because they are interested and comfortable to live in a dirty and unhygienic environment. Therefore, cleaning the house regularly is the best way to prevent pest attacks at home.

– Repair all leaking pipes

Pipes that leak in the house are the main cause of many pest attacks. Leaking pipes offer a source of water needed for pests such as rats, ants and cockroaches. On the other hand, termite pests and leaky pipes are closely related because of the fondness of termites for the environment in humid places. Be sure to repair any leaking pipes in the house and actively monitor any erosion or leakage.

– Closes all cracks, cracks and holes

Every crack, crack and hole provides a point for pests to enter. Even the smallest cracks can create access to pests that have a flexible body such as mice. Ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and mice only need a gap or hole as small as 1 cm to enter your home!

– Disposing of the trash properly

Managing waste properly is the most important part to keep pests away from home. Garbage can attract some pests such as cockroaches, mice and flies to come. Regularly take out the trash and avoiding leaving it overnight in the house is an important thing to do. By cleaning it regularly, trash cans will become less attractive places for pests to gather.

– Installing mosquito nets or gauze

As one of the simplest but most effective pest control devices, mosquito nets or screens can help to prevent mosquitoes from penetrating through the window.


These methods may seem easy and trivial, but sometimes it is difficult for you to do easy things the right way. But you need to remember that this easy method requires discipline and commitment to be able to provide maximum results. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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