Some Mistakes in Internet Marketing in Business

By Jason A Smail | General

Sep 05

Internet marketing from seven stars group is very promising because it can be done in a short time, of course, this makes it easy for the businessman. but behind this convenience sometimes it is still the only thing that makes mistakes in its business. these errors are sometimes not even realized, some even ignore the client because the client is very critical. actually to run this business is very simple in the simple sense is we marketing business must be prepared with criticism and suggestions from the client, the client can be satisfied with our service is based on honest and professional.

Sometimes to contact the customer, the client must wait several hours and even days. work on the internet marketing like this doesn’t expect to be successful. to be successful you can pay attention to some of the following internet marketing errors in business, consider carefully in order to succeed:

– Using Free Hosting
Free hosting will be very annoying for the client because free hosting will always be an error and the error will not be guessed when it’s time. The client automatically wants to open a website every time, always found not found 404. This is a big obstacle for your business. can be ascertained if using free hosting the client will feel bored and it is not impossible that your business will never be liked.

– Never have efficient email communication
Using e-mail is very effective to attract clients to always follow the products we just updated. this is very important, internet marketing is a very wide reach if you rely on a magnificent website that won’t be able to hook your client. so take advantage of email to spread your product, and also never to use free email. this is considered very bad by the client. because you will be considered unprofessional in the field of internet business.

– Too many graphics on the website
One of the mistakes that internet businesses may not realize is the problem of website graphics that use too much javascript which is considered to be efficient but this actually sucks for the client because the number of scripts that you install will make your web loading very heavy.

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