Steps for luring many event visitors event to your booth

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 14

Plan a few months ahead of trade shows or exhibitions. Set your advertising budget for the event. Create compelling creatives that give people a reason to attend the event. Include information about when and where you will be on the show, about new products and any special sales offer Select local publications and media that offer affordable ad space and that target your audience. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to add some Custom made inflatable marquees, tents, and also arches to gain more attraction from the crowds in a big event.

List information about free listing services, bulletin boards, in newsletters and send them to your client mailing list.

Feature the event on your website and make sure that you are registered in a trade show or exhibition program book.

Sketch your ideas for booth design on paper. Draw some configurations you may want to try. Find out how to set up a complete booth before the event if you’re not sure how it will look. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer coming to your booth. Exhibition your booth design to make it easy to enter and exit without crashing your display. Check that everything is structurally stable, freshly painted and washed. Decide how you will showcase your products and ensure that your signage is the best that it can be.

Establish the booth completely before the event begins. Tape under the carpet to prevent people tripping. Use the tape to secure the electric light cables and power bars and hide them from view. Placing your product at eye level for easy viewing. Step outside your booth to check how others will see it. Make sure your marks are clearly displayed and that all your lights are in working order. Dressing well for an event like the first impression is everything. Have lots of business cards available, smile and engage with potential buyers to ensure a good sale.

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