Technology For Future

By Jason A Smail | Technology

May 09

Almost all jobs in the world desperately need tech help. Although not a core part but technology becomes an important part like to communicate, tell the location, pay bills, and others. With very diverse technological functions, we can certainly imagine how the technology is in the future. Perhaps future technology can be a core part of all human work and can not be replaced. Until now, all researchers are still developing technology that can be realized in the future and may be beyond human reason. Below are some of the technologies that humans might manifest for the future:

– Telepathy (embedded phone)

In the future, we probably will not hold a cell phone and it will be embedded in our body. It can all happen because now scientists have found a technology that can imitate human intelligence. This telepathy is very useful for everyone, especially those who have a weak memory. It can also make people avoid bad things like theft, rape, and attempted murder because they can contact the nearest police station without having to press a button.

– Wind walk

It may be funny but it can happen anytime. We can walk on clouds without a plane. This technology can help us shorten travel times and avoid vehicle congestion. However, there is some risk of this wind walk as if falling in the forest and many wild stars or in the middle of the ocean far from the shore. In addition to this, the fuel used will also be very wasteful and non renewable unless humans have found an alternative fuel that will not run out forever.

– Free internet for whole the world

Not all countries can provide free internet service to their residents because there is a policy they must follow. In some developed countries, only the price of internet usage is reduced so that people are not overwhelmed by it. With the development of technology that continues, in the future there, will probably be free internet for whole the world. Not only help developed countries but developing countries as well. This can erase differences in the level of wellbeing of the population in developed and developing countries. It is conceivable that the people of developing countries have the same knowledge as the people of developed countries. It also has two functions either as a unified of the world or as a destroyer of the world.

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