The Advantages Of Scaffold Tower

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Nov 09

Before use, the correct scaffold tower check must be carried out by the officer in charge. Daily evaluation records must be maintained and produced, dated and signed daily and must include items such as damage, corrosion and other wear and tear, as well as broken bracing and supports. The condition of the scaffold tower, footboards and handrails should be thoroughly inspected, accompanied by signs of broken or damaged clamps, pins or bracing even when you use Hire In .

To prevent people from falling, scaffolders must follow safe working methods. When removing or lifting the material, the scaffolder must be attached to the platform, which is completely fixed with a footboard and a double guardrail. As the installation work progresses, a minimum of three work platforms together with one guardrail is provided. For one-handed installations, the harness is always attached at all times by a scaffolder and must be provided with a 1.75m long lanyard and a 55mm scaffold tower hook or similar. The most important element in avoiding accidents is knowledge and training on the scaffold tower. Furthermore, never forget the importance of overseeing a scaffold tower contractor. The prime contractor, the client and others who handle it must take practical steps to ensure that work is carried out on their site or premises safely.

Verify the level of scaffolders’ training and who will supervise them on site. Supervision on-site to ensure scaffold tower adheres to appropriate safety standards. There are many advantages of using scaffolding tower in your site, such as:

1. Safety – in many situations, scaffold tower is a better platform for construction work and other subcontracting services. Safety rails, stairs, steps make for easier access.

2. Cost-efficient – In the long run using stairs and access equipment is more expensive than using a scaffold tower.

3. Time – reduction in overall build time because using well-constructed scaffold tower makes access easier, tools or building materials can be easily placed on the scaffold tower. Until new robots or construction methods exist. A scaffold tower is by far the most efficient method of working at height.

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