The automatic transmission is recommended for new drivers

By Jason A Smail | General

Aug 24

In the car, there are several types of transmissions, namely automatic, manual, and manual + (auto gear shift). This time we will discuss the auto and manual, both of which have their respective attractions. For those of you beginners who will buy or choose a car to own as a private transportation. For some people, they prefer simple things not wanting something that is too wasteful of a waste of energy, but not everyone thinks like that. Aside from that, you may go to Transmission Repair Arlington TX to get your car’s transmission repaired professionally.

Some people even prefer challenges can also be said to be complicated, for those who are already used to it, they will enjoy it, it all depends on the driving needs. Now the difference is quite significant, right? let’s examine several types of car transmissions, which consist of:



This time we will explain how suitable automatic transmission is for beginner drivers.


Is a system of automatic acceleration (transmission) without having to step on the clutch pedal, or in other words we just step on the gas pedal (not complicated). Usually, for those beginners who are eager to have a personal, they will choose an auto type of car especially for women who do not need to be tired of compensating for the clutch, gas and brake operations. Also, read 10 Ways to Drive Matic Cars Correctly and Fastly

Because the process of learning to drive it is quite short, it is only focused on the brake pedal, the gas, not accompanied by a clutch which is felt for the clutch starter will make it difficult for them. And for gearshift is not too complicated just once the transfer or use of teeth. But it should be noted, each car has a different type of basic thing, there are rules on the gear that has different functions and is adjusted to the driving needs,
among others:

P (for parking)
N (neutral)
D (medium to high speed drives at once)
L (low / low speed)
R (reserve / backward)
2 (uphill track)

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