The Different Wheelchair Types

By Jason A Smail | General

Mar 18

The development of wheeled chairs since it appears on the Mediterranean plains continues from time to time. The wheelchair is now no longer the seat of kings and nobles like the early discovery of a wheelchair. Wheelchair for most disabled people is the main medical tool for working, moving and doing all kinds of activities. Equipment that is not ergonomic will have a negative impact on the user. As with chairs, if rental of wheelchair that you use is not ergonomics it will cause health problems. The following are the various types of wheelchairs.

Manual Wheelchairs

This is a wheelchair that is moved by the hand of a wheelchair wearer, is a wheelchair that is usually used for all activities. This kind of wheelchair cannot be used by people with disabilities who have disabilities in their hands.

Electric Wheelchair

This is a wheelchair that is driven by an electric motor which is usually used for long trips for people with disabilities or for people with multiple disabilities so that they cannot afford to run wheelchairs themselves, to run their wheelchairs enough to use levers such as joysticks to run forward, change the direction of the wheelchair turn left or turn right. Usually, an electric wheelchair is equipped with a device to recharge the battery which can be directly inserted into the socket in the house or building visited.

The reclining model is often referred to as a wheelchair. Its function makes it easier for patients to lean their heads so they can sit more comfortably. The backrest can be stretched with a slope of ± 145 ° -180 ° according to the needs of the patient, as well as the legs that can be raised and lowered. The reclining model is commonly used by patients with stroke or patients who have weakness/problems in the back.

Electric wheelchairs are driven by battery or electricity. This model is also called the motorized wheelchair and is often equipped with remote control. Both manual and electric have the same function, but electric models have more features.

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