The many benefits of Amino Acid

By Jason A Smail | Health

Mar 15

Amino acids are organic compounds that have carboxyl functional groups (-COOH) and amines (usually -NH2). The carboxyl group provides an acidic property, while the amine group provides the basic properties. In the form of a solution, amino acids are amphoteric: tend to be acidic in the basic solution and become alkaline in the acid solution. This behavior occurs because amino acids can be zwitterion. Amino acids function to form a protein component that will be absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, you might need to check out the BCAAS without sucralose if you want to have a good supplement for muscle building.

Benefits of Amino Acids for Health

Amino acids serve as a constituent of proteins, including enzymes, and are also the basic framework for a number of compounds in the metabolic process (especially vitamins, hormones and nucleic acids). From these functions, there are a number of benefits we can take when the need for amino acids is fulfilled:

– Increase muscle mass

Amino acids can help increase weight, and muscle mass. This is because the muscles are formed from proteins consisting of various essential and non-essential amino acids. The more muscle is formed, the less fatty space in the body, and this is very good for health.
– Maintain Enzyme and Hormone Balance
Lack of amino acids can cause the imbalance of enzymes and hormones in the body, especially growth hormone. Amino acids function to trigger the release of insulin so that it will be able to help maintain the level of blood sugar balance. While the growth hormone can increase muscle mass development and help the process of burning fat into energy. Amino acids also play a role stimulate the production of growth hormone and strengthen bones and collagen.

– Prevent Hair Loss

Foods that contain lots of amino acids can help prevent hair loss and at the same time can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In addition, amino acids are also very important to maintain healthy nails and skin.

– Maintaining Heart Health

Amino acids contained in the diet can help maintain heart health, help avoid depression, and improve memory. Eating vegetables and fruits rich in amino acids is very good to relieve stress as the cause of heart disease.

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