The maximum punishment for LIOs

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Jan 07

Now you are in status of a military service member and it is much better for you to abide the military codes that rule out your way of being a service member as you are supposed to be. It is good that you are quite aware of the importance of understanding the codes including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Most of the ucmj articles are punitive and it is crucial for you to know who is eligible to charge actually. By this way, you will not be careless to participate in any act against the code. Make sure to get to know more about articles of the UCMJ.

You should not take any risk to get in the commission of criminal offense if you do not want to put your career and your future into high risk. In fact, it is going to be quite difficult for you to develop your military career as you are in suspect of committing or assisting any criminal offense. It is possible for you to send in jail for life as you commit to terrible offense. Meanwhile, if you are asking for the minimum punishment, you should know your status. Based on the fact, you are going to be considered as the true offender or the accessory after fact.

Although both true offender and accessory after fact are considered as the principals in term of military code, you might find the different level of conviction for each role. If you are less in your involvement of the offense, it is important for you to know the maximum conviction.

Based on the Article 79 that particularly discusses about Less Included Offenses (LIOs), there is no maximum punishment that is ruled out by the article 79. However, it is possible for you to find the explanation in details in the other articles such as the Articles 77 and the Articles 78.

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