The Most Excellent Juice for Diet

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Sep 20

Diet is very synonymous with the reduction of food portions, whereas some people with a large portion of food, his body is thin. Diet not only requires you to cut the portion of the meal but also choose the most appropriate way in setting diet. One of the most appropriate methods for dieting is to apply a ‘blender juice’. Blender juice is a term that means mixing various vegetables or fruit into a glass of juice. Here you can find some of the best juice for your diet. To make the juice, you can use a masticating juicer. You can see the review on our website.

– Watercress and Carrot juice

Watercress is one of the vegetables that are very rich in benefits. This vegetable is even claimed to cure cancer. In addition, vegetables are often used as a garnish of this dish can also encourage the body to remove the fats that are not needed. Watercress if combined with carrots then the result will be very powerful to lose weight. Many people even able to lose weight just by consuming carrot juice, especially when combined with watercress.

– Green Collar Juice

One of the best juices for the diet is the green collar juice. This juice is not too mainstream, but you can find collars in supermarkets or specialty stores of vegetables. Vegetables that have the Latin name Brassica Olleracae has a myriad of benefits, one of which is to lose weight quickly.

– Apple Juice and Spinach

The best juice for the next diet is apple and spinach juice. Apples are often used in diet programs, either consumed in the form of juice or eaten raw. Apples have a lot of fiber content, but also very few calories. Apples will be very powerful in weight loss when combined with spinach.

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