The Reason Someone Watched The Same Movie Many Times

By Jason A Smail | Entertainment

Apr 02

It’s not uncommon for someone to watch the same movie many times. It could be because in the film there is an idol artist, it could also be because the story is very interesting useful content. All of these possibilities can be a reason for someone watching the same movie over and over. You can also watch the film on gostream if the film is no longer in the theater.
Do you also include people who often watch movies many times? If so, are the following reasons your reasons?

Missed scenes
When you read a review about a movie that you like and see someone commenting on an epic scene but you don’t know that. This is annoying, isn’t it? Skipping a scene naturally influences perspective in understanding the storyline. Although not much, still, skipping one scene influences. So, it’s natural that you or the people choose to watch the same movie again so you don’t miss any of the scenes.

Not Understood and Not Satisfied
It can’t be denied, right now many films have complicated plot too absurd stories. So, it is natural that in the end, the audience needs extra time and energy to understand the contents of the film being watched. Therefore, it is not uncommon for several people to decide to watch the same movie again to further understand the core of the storyline adapted in the film.

Dissatisfaction also haunted the audience which in the end, led them to watch again for self-satisfaction.

The film is indeed high quality
For this one, it’s a complete package. Starting from the groove, players to background combined with slick, can certainly give birth to quality films and not make you bored. So, it’s only natural that there are films that become addictive and as if asking to be watched repeatedly. A good film is a film that is suitable to watch from time to time.

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