The Right Time To Drink Coffee

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 19

Bathing and sipping a cup of coffee is the most common thing people do after waking up. Many people assume that they definitely need coffee shortly after waking up. If they don’t get coffee, they feel that their productivity will be disrupted. Some people decide to enjoy the available coffee that they can order from the nearby shop while others tend to benefit from their own coffee with the selection of It sounds like a great idea if you have the coffee maker machine and enjoy the process of serving it at your home.

It’s just what time is the most effective time to drink coffee to increase productivity? Two former Google technology designers conducted research and found the time claimed to be the most appropriate for drinking coffee to maximize energy sources.

As a result, drinking coffee in the morning as it is usually done and expected turns out to have no optimal impact. Tech experts Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky found that at 9:30 a.m. was the best time to drink the first coffee in the morning. Caffeine is a very powerful thing and that’s why caffeine has a direct effect on your energy level. So you should drink it with a specific purpose compared to autopilot (because of habit).

Coffee drinkers don’t have to wait until they’re really tired of getting their second cup of coffee. It’s tricky about caffeine, if you wait for coffee until you feel very tired, it’s too late.

To drink a second coffee, 30 minutes since there are anticipated ‘tired’ signs. A second coffee cup is recommended to be taken just before lunch time. This is the time when the energy level starts to fall. A study revealed that you better drink green tea and espresso during the day to reduce caffeine levels.

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