The stress and changes in one’s life after a divorce

By Jason A Smail | General

Mar 17

Any changes will cause stress to the person who is experiencing the change. A family adjusts to changes that occur, such as moving home or the birth of an infant and other small disorders, but a family crack can cause deep emotional wounds and take years to heal (Tomlinson & Keasey, 1985). Meanwhile, perhaps you need to hire the Cairns Family Lawyers to solve all of your legal problems with your ex-wife.

Hurlock (1996) The traumatic impact of divorce is usually greater than the impact of death, because before and after the divorce has arisen emotional pain and pressure, and resulted in social flaws.

Stress due to separation and divorce that occur puts both men and women at risk of physical and psychological difficulties. (Coombs & Guttman, in Santrock 2002). Divorced men and women have a higher probability of having psychiatric disorders, mental hospital admissions, clinical depression, alcoholism, and psychosomatic problems, such as sleep disorders, than married adults.

Hurlock (1996) the impact of divorce is very influential on children. In general, children whose parents get divorced feel very wounded because of loyalty that must be shared and they are suffering from anxiety because of the uncertainty factor resulted in divorce in his family. This uncertainty will especially be more serious if the issue of child safety and care becomes the content of the father and mother, so the child will pace between father and mother’s house.

Role and Status changes

The most obvious effect of divorce will change the role and status of a person from a widowed wife and a husband to a widower and a life of his own and lead to retesting of their identity (Schell & Hall, 1994). Both men and women who get divorced feel uncertain and run away after a divorce. especially for women who before divorce identity is very dependent on the husband.

This is because divorced people often judge their marital failure as personal immunity. They try to integrate marital failure with their personal definition of masculinity or femininity, their ability to love someone, and their aspiration to play the role of husband, wife, father, mother of children. After the divorce, both men and women will be stuck in sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

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