The Types of Filaments

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jan 11

As an artist you need to be smart when you use your Filament on your 3 dimensions printer. This is a basic guidance for you to determine the function of each filament that you have at home. You don’t want to get bad result for your art designs therefore you need to take it as a serious matter. The filament is very pricey therefore you don’t want to spend your money on them.

 As an artist you have to pay attention for the designs that you are going to create so you will be happy for the outcomes. The filament has different functions as for making 3 dimensions arts. There are many types of 3 dimensions filament refill that you have to know before you create your designs. The very popular one filament is called as the ABS and it has a purpose for creating wear-resistant part of the design that can stand still in higher temperature  and it is an easy filament type so you will not get problem for waiting your print out for too long.

This filament will give a one solid plastic and strong quality and durable figures for your designs. Commonly the artists or toys companies use this kind of filament for making children toys such as the Legos, sport equipments, plastic handle for knifes and many more. Sometimes a jewelry store can also use this filament in order to make wedding rings for their beloved customers. This filament can stand for the high temperature among 210 degrees in Celsius up to 250 degrees in Celsius. Therefore the jewelry can also bake the wedding rigs for their customers from this type of filament. The one thing that even will attract you more from this type of filament is the glowing effect that will occur on your figures.

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