There Are Some Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage That You Need To Know

By Jason A Smail | Health

Oct 02

If daily activities make you feel stressed, sore, and make your muscles tense, shiatsu massage might be the solution. This type of massage originating from Japan can relax you, relieve stress, overcome anxiety, depression, and can relieve muscle tension. Shiatsu massage works throughout the body and focuses on areas of the body that are prone to soreness. During the massage process, the therapist uses your palms and thumbs to massage specific points on your body. The resulting pressure and massage make you feel relaxed during the massage process homedics full body massage. Shiatsu massage usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Meanwhile, if you simply want to get a full-body massage session near your location, we suggest you visit the gold coast massage center.

Here are the various benefits of shiatsu massage:

It makes you feel calm and relaxed

Shiatsu massage is a type of massage that is therapeutic (therapy) which is good for relieving anxiety so that during the massage process you will feel calm and relaxed because the pressure and pulse of the fingers the therapist is doing make you feel comfortable.

It relieves stress and depression

This type of massage from Japan is famous for dealing with stress. This is because shiatsu massage applies the massage method that is able to balance, maintain, and restore the body’s energy balance. So, during and after doing this massage, stress, and depression symptoms can be reduced.

It can relieve headaches

According to practitioners, shiatsu massage aims to improve the health of the entire body and can affect the energy system in the body. When the massage is focused on acupressure points, the blockages that occur around the head will open, so that it can relieve headaches.

Overcoming tension in muscles

Shiatsu massage applies a massage method that focuses on the flow of nerves from the tips of the feet to the tips of the head. This massage process is dominated by stretching movements, so it is very suitable for people who have activities that can make the body feel sore quickly. This massage technique can relieve pain in stiff or tense muscles.

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