These Are Some Habits That Are Often Done And Trigger Damage To The Computer

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Feb 08

The computer or laptop that you have at home is sometimes often broken and you can’t fix it yourself. For that services from computer repair will be very much needed at this time. No wonder there are many people who choose to use computer repair services that are right and in accordance with what they need. Visit to get the best computer repair you can use.

All problems that exist on computers or electronic devices that we have at home, usually are due to habits that we often do and trigger damage to the tool. Some habits that can trigger easily damaged electronics are

1. Poor ventilation
All computers and laptops need qualified air vents. It seems like there is almost no computer with a casing without air holes because it requires good circulation for the maintained temperature of the hardware. Most of us ignore this problem, by placing the computer in any place and position. In fact, a computer needs enough space to absorb cold air and remove heat from the inside. Positions such as under the table or facing the wall are positions that we should avoid.

2. Dust that accumulates
There is ventilation, of course, there are fans too. A good computer must have a cooling system that is okay too. Equipped with a fan that runs constantly with clean ventilation. Over time, the fan will definitely be filled with disturbing dust. Where did the stubborn dust come from? Of course, because you keep under a table full of dirt. The impact of the accumulating dust is certainly going to reduce the performance of your computer because the temperature of the hardware becomes out of control and tends to increase.

3. Loose cable
Wires that are loose or even damaged by being bitten by a mouse can threaten the safety of the entire computer because it opens a large gap to the entry of water or short circuit.

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