These Are Some Of The Base Principles Of Godless People

By Jason A Smail | Health

May 22

As the followers of the theory of natural selection, they are only concerned with themselves / their groups. The lack of togetherness in the family and workplace signifies that the self-inducing nature is part of an effort to find one’s own comfort . They are reluctant to live with other people or neighbors because they don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. After all these people are very selfish, just want to take care of themselves while others are tough rivals. The attitude that individualism can be created due to the consumption of high-tech machines. The rich man no longer needs other people to help him do this and that because everything is covered and blocked by sophisticated electronic goods. The good thing that should be is that the difference between people who are not religious and religious people is reinforced through the attitude of the Imams / Pastors / Ministers. They must be able to distance themselves from the individualist attitude because only atheists have it. If there is an individualist believer, it means that you can be sure that the person is “the religion of the people!” Meanwhile, check out the urgent healing prayer request if you’re a Christian who can’t pray with high effectiveness.

Materialism is evident

The metaphysical nature of non-religious people is very obvious. They do not believe in the existence of judgment day or second life so that the attainment of material ownership and the glory of this world must absolutely be pursued. Therefore, the bad habit of atheists is to have very much property to be deposited with their grandchildren in the future. They look like humans who are thirsty with the matter. Even though what he sought for a day did not run out, it was consumed that day and most of it was piled up again and again.

Very Consumptive

For people who don’t believe in the existence of second life, they tend to enjoy life to their heart’s content. Spending his money in luxury, grandeur, and spree, as if it was the last day for him to live. This situation certainly has a negative impact on the availability of resources that are increasingly limited and more expensive over time.

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