These are Some Tips You Can Use To Clean Car When The Season of Winter Comes

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 19

As a vehicle that you always use every day, your car certainly requires proper care to always perform well. Usually, when the rainy season arrives, many people feel lazy to clean their car and leave it in a dirty state. This is certainly not a good idea because cars always have to be in a good look. For perfect car cleaning, you can use the services of car detailing san diego.

When the rainy season, usually many people who consider that the state of a dirty car is not a problem. And this has a direct impact on your comfort in it. There are some tips that you can use to take care of your car in the rainy season, like

1. Immediately Clean the Rain Water That Is In The Car Body
If your car is exposed to a lot of rain, then hurry to clean it. This will keep your car well maintained and not damage the look of the car. Too long to let rainwater in your car body will only add mushrooms and rust in the paint and body of the car. Rust and mold can also damage your car paint.

2. Use a Car Paint Protector
In addition to using water to clean the car, there was another way to protect the car paint. the way is by using a car paint protector called coating. The coating works to protect your car paint from rainwater that can damage it, by using the coating, then you can clean it easily.

3. Cleaning Glass with Wipers
In addition to the car body, the part you need to clean during the rainy season is windshield or glass front of your car. This part is very important to always be cleaned regularly so that the potential for the fungus can be prevented. In addition, clean the rubber wiper also for rainwater sweeping to run smoothly and optimally. To clean the wiper rubber, you should use a dry cloth and liquid alcohol to be able to clean the car glass easily and without leaving a scratch.

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