These are the Four Benefits of Entering Children into Playgroup

By Jason A Smail | General

Nov 27
Many parents still seem confused whether to put their child in a playgroup or not. Some parents choose not to enter their children into playgroups, others choose to include them for several reasons. Visit to get more information about the right school for children, especially at the age of playgroup.

By entering children into the playgroup there are actually several benefits that will be felt by children and parents. Some of the benefits of children entering the playgroup are

1. Stimulation of gross motor development
The playgroup curriculum and program provide a variety of play activities that can indirectly hone a child’s ability to do physical things that are appropriate for his age. For example, stimulating the child physically to be able to throw a ball, and by exercising concentration, the child can put the ball into the goal.
At an early age that was a golden age, Playgroup also introduced art by inviting children to sing and dance. Moving to the rhythm of the song is also very good for stimulating the gross motoric of children.

2. Stimulation of fine motor development
This stimulation aims to train the coordination of fingers and eyes, such as, inserting objects into holes that are exactly the same size and shape as the object, moving objects using chopsticks, and coloring.

3. Language stimulation
Children are invited to communicate intensively by the counselor while he plays, using good and right words and languages. Children are at the same time taught manners, by saying “please” and “thank you.” There are also playgroups that use more than one language as the language of instruction. According to research, children under the age of five can absorb quickly, even four to five languages.

4. Stimulation of social development
In a playgroup, children will certainly have many friends and a wider environment than at home. Entering children into playgroup will stimulate their social sensitivity and they will be better at communicating with many people.

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