These Are The Negative Impact While You Sleep At The Room With Air Conditioner

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 03

If you use the air conditioner at your home, then you also must take care of the cleanliness. Many people who use the air conditioner at their home and they don’t care about the cleanliness. You must clean your air conditioner routinely helpful resources. The dirty air conditioner can cause so many diseases for your body. Use the aircon serviceif you will clean your air conditioner. We can help you to clean your air conditioner at your home.

If you always use the air conditioner while you sleep, then you must care because the air conditioner has a negative impact on your health. These are the negative impact when you sleep in the room with an air conditioner.

1. You can experience nerve problems on your face
If you put the air conditioner right on top of your bed, then you can feel excessive cold. This can cause the shape of the face to be asymmetrical. This condition is caused by the face being exposed to cool air directly. The air coming out of the air conditioner can cause temporary paralysis of the face.

2. Your neck can become sore and stiff
The cool air from the air conditioner can cause the nerves and blood vessels in the neck to stiffen. If you don’t clean your air conditioner regularly, this can cause neck stiffness and stiffness for a long time.

3. Dehydration
If your air conditioner is too close to the bed, this will cause you to feel dehydrated. In addition, you can also get dry skin. this happens because the cool air from the air conditioner can bind and absorb body fluids gradually. This condition will make the body become dehydrated.

You have to give a distance between the air conditioner and the bed. You cannot sleep in the room with an air conditioner that too close to your body.

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