These Are Things To Do When You Open A Laundry Business

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 20

Learn washing techniques so that clothes don’t dull and wear off. This is important if the results of the laundry are good, clean and fragrant, the customer will return to your place. Furthermore, if you also want to accept orders from places with a lot of people, such as military institutions or hospitals, perhaps you need to buy the best industrial washing machines from GEMLSA.

Give Extra Services

If there are already many who open a similar business you must have a differentiating factor from the others. Give extra services like giving a choice of perfume, anti-wrinkle, shuttle service.

In addition, in the laundry service business, punctuality is the absolute thing you keep. Don’t let your customers get disappointed because the clothes they washed are not finished on time. Make your customers love to die so they don’t move to competitors.

Select Strategic Location

To run any business location is one of the most important factors in marketing. So is the laundry business, choosing a good location will determine your business is busy or not. For laundry service businesses, choose locations that are close to school, campus, or rented.

That is because usually, people who live in that location do not have much time to do washing activities, therefore they usually prefer to use laundry services.

Adjust Price

Before opening a business, it’s a good idea to do simple research to find out the market price for this service business. You can see what prices are offered by competitors. Make a price that is in accordance with the service you provide to customers. Basically, customers will not object to paying a little more if they are satisfied with the service you provide.

Recruit the Right Manpower

Recruit employees that are in accordance with the field to be worked on. Separate the administrative staff from the washing department so that their working time can be effective. For additional employees, it is necessary if your laundry service business has developed. Whereas at the beginning of the business, maybe all work can be handled by one person.

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