These Are Three Growing Businesses in Lombok

By Jason A Smail | Business and Finance

Oct 13

When you visit Lombok, of course, you are no stranger to the culture and the many interesting places that are there.

This makes Lombok a highly developed tourist destination and is visited by many people, especially international

tourists. For this reason, many local Lombok people end up trying to make their region more advanced. That way, you

can even invest there, especially property investment. Find out more about this at Baca lebih banyak.

The growing development of tourism in the Lombok area makes some businesses there are also growing. Here are some

businesses that are growing in Lombok.

1. Hotels
There are many people who come, of course, need a lot of places to rest right? After a day of traveling around 3 Gili

for example (Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Gili Trawangan), the body needs enough rest to continue the tour the next day.

So it is very rational if the hotel and lodging business is needed by tourists. In Lombok itself, there are many hotel

chains, ranging from Jasmine to Star 5 classes. Many foreign investors who specifically make hotels in the best

places, of course, because they have the big capital to do that.

2. Lombok cuisine
Food is a basic human need that is no longer negotiable. Because as long as you live, you need to eat. Even so, humans

do not want to just eat, but also many who are obsessed with eating delicious food. Now, when we go to Lombok, many

are curious to find a place to eat delicious and typical in Lombok. So it’s no wonder if the world of Lombok’s food

business is advancing along with the many tourists visiting Lombok.

3. Transportation services
In places that are popular tourist destinations, the need for transportation services is very important. Not only

that, transportation services in the form of rental cars and motorbikes also grow along with the growth of a good

tourism climate.

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