These are Two Common Diseases Are Usually Caused By Mosquito Bites

By Jason A Smail | General

Apr 05

You must be often annoyed and angry because of the many mosquitoes in your house. To that end, many people end up wanting to kill all the ruins that are in their homes. If you are one of them, then you can use Mosquito killer spray. However, you must have the most appropriate in order to kill all the mosquitoes in your house.

The number of people who want to kill the presence of mosquitoes in their homes is not without reason, because, mosquitoes carry many diseases that can invade their bodies. In fact, there is some climber who causes death to the sufferers. Some diseases caused by mosquito bites are

– Dengue fever
The disease is caused by viruses that are spread by mosquitoes that have the characteristic white spots. The disease usually occurs during hot weather in the rainy season and is most common in large cities, where there are many puddles, and where poor water channels are present. If a person is first affected by this disease, it will recover with adequate rest and drink plenty of water. But someone who has twice the disease, it will be more dangerous and can even cause death.

– Malaria
This disease is a type of blood infectious disease that causes extremely high fever and extreme coldness. This disease is caused by parasites transmitted by mosquitoes to humans. In fact, the facts show that millions of people die every year because of this disease. Malaria is especially dangerous for children under the age of five and people with HIV / AIDS. Usually, malaria causes an unknown fever with a certain reason, for which many people are testing back to some health clinics to get an accurate result. If the blood test results have shown that a person has malaria, it is a shame to seek quick treatment immediately because if left unchecked it will be very dangerous for health and can cause death.

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