These Three Steps Will Help You Protect Every Account You Have On The Internet

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Mar 01

Today, everyone certainly has an account on the internet. Many people also have more than one account on the internet to facilitate all their activities. The most important thing to keep your account from hacker attacks is 2 factor authentication. This dual security system will help you protect important information on the account log me once.

By using this security system, you will be able to keep all important data or personal information that you store in your account. In addition to using 2 factor authentication, there are several steps to being able to secure your account from all hacker attacks.

1. Use VPN
Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is one of the safest tools for you to use. As in the abbreviation, this will give you high security access when exploring the world and connecting to the internet. VPN is also very useful if you use public wifi and there is no maximum security there. Because public networks like that are easy to track your activities when you are infected with that network.

2. Use two-step verification
This is useful for social media users. Every social media currently uses this security system. Using this system is indeed quite time consuming, but if you want safer security, then you have to do it. Because, by doing this step, your account can be maintained properly.

3. Don’t connect each account
This is often a problem. You must be very often connecting every social media account that you have. Apparently, this is the easiest way for hackers to break into all your accounts in an instant. Because, this way the hacker is able to automatically control all of your social media account access.

make sure you have used maximum security on every account that you have on the internet.

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