Things You Should Always Check in a Car

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 13

As car owners, we must continue to pay attention to the condition of the vehicle so that it can continue to run in good condition. Even if we are lazy riders even though we have to check some of these things. You can always get a pick up and drop of mot service, by visiting our website.

Briefly, some of these are tires, engine oil, brakes, lights, coolers, and wipers. A video that appears on YouTube as you can see below might be a guide for those of you who are lazy to pick up a car.

Tires are the first thing that must be considered because it comes in direct contact with the road so checking regularly is a top priority.

Check the tire can by opening the manual of our car or looking at the sticker that contains tire information on the driver’s door side about tire pressure. After that, see the condition of the tire whether there is a crack or not.

The second is engine oil. Engine oil serves to lubricate all moving components. In simple terms, engine oil levels can be checked every 2-4 weeks, this helps to keep our engine durable. If low engine oil levels can be filled but do not overfill the engine and spray. If our engine oil has to be filled continuously it means something is wrong in your car.

Third, check the brake pedal. We recommend that you check the brake pedal once every two months also pay attention to the brake discs. In addition, when braking sounds, replace the brake pedal as soon as possible.

Fourth, check the lights of your car. Check everything before going on a trip, when parked, turn on all the lights and check whether someone is dead or not. This is quite important especially if we travel at night.

Fifth, pay attention to the car cooler. Make sure the cooling radiator water is filled because when the car is running all the moving parts will definitely produce heat. This cooler is pumped to the engine block then absorbs heat and brings it back to the radiator before starting the process again from the beginning. If we let the cooling level down the engine becomes problematic.

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