This Is Bad Impact For Psychosis Depression That Happens To Someone

By Jason A Smail | Health

Jan 24

The more burden a person’s life has, the more likely they will be to experience symptoms of depression. Severe depression can even damage a person’s life. So, it would be very appropriate if treatment or therapy is done to help them have a life that returns to normal. One treatment or therapy that can be done is with ayawasca.

With the right treatment, depression that someone feels can easily be lost. Depression that is too severe, can even make sufferers feel hallucinating and have delusions that are too high. One type of depression that mostly attacks a person is depression psychosis or also called heavy depressions.

Individuals who suffer from the depression subtype of psychosis continue to experience typical symptoms of depression as above but also accompanied by the appearance of psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions. About 1 in 5 people with major depression can experience symptoms of psychosis.
Delusion is a type of mental disorder that makes a person unable to distinguish between reality and imagination, so he believes and behaves according to what he thinks (even though it really doesn’t really happen). For example, believing that people around him will do evil to him or believe that he is worthless and therefore always treated unfairly.
Meanwhile, hallucinations are changes in the sensations that we feel when the senses experience things that are not real. For example, hearing a mysterious voice or seeing what actually isn’t, or feeling someone touching their body.

Depression of psychosis is a serious mental disorder because everyone who experiences it is at risk of endangering themselves. Symptoms of psychosis can make depressed insiders believe that their condition is worse than they really are or believe that they have other health conditions, such as cancer.
This belief can make him seek the wrong treatment and is not really needed, which ultimately worsens his depression. Whether from the side effects of certain cancer drugs that trigger mood changes or severe stress reactions they experience when they consider themselves cancer positive.

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