This Is The Standard Golf Course You Need To Know

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Mar 19

Golf is indeed one type of sport that is always done by many people. Many people choose golf as the right sport to fill their spare time discover more here. However, in golf, you cannot do it carelessly, you have to do it in the right golf course. One that you can choose is a phuket golf.

The golf course is indeed a place to play golf and is always visited by many people. No wonder, if this is used as an opportunity for business for some people. For those of you who want to open a golf course business or golf course, there are a number of things you should know, for example, is the standard of the golf course.

As a sport that is close to an elegant and exclusive impression, golf offers a beautiful and soothing playing experience. The uniqueness of the topography of each field makes golf sports always successful in helping golfers to release stress. Although it does not have special provisions in the field, golf still has standards that need to be met.

The main thing is for holes. In one golf course there are at least 9-18 holes, and in one hole there can be grass that is cut short or left to grow long. For parts with short grass, it is called a fairway, while the reverse part is called rough way.

In a golf course, usually, there is also a bunker where the area is filled with sand. The existence of this bunker that makes playing golf becomes increasingly challenging. Because if the ball lands in an area wherever it is (fairway, rough way, bunker) players are not allowed to hold the ball unless hit using a stick.

From this uniqueness, designing and building a golf course business is now one of the job choices with a fairly promising turnover.

For the golfers themselves, they will find the right course for them. So, make your golf course as standard and comfortable as possible so that the players always come back.

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