Three Step Website Design It Can Help Optimize SEO That You Use

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Apr 11

Probably many people who assume that SEO can work with the maximum without the help of any element. In fact, SEO can work with optimal and maximum if there are some elements that help. One that can help is a good website design. To find out more about optimum website design and SEO, visit

Good website design will usually give a good impact on SEO given. So, you should create a good website
design for the visitors who will enter into your website. There are some things you need to consider in creating a good website design for your website SEO.

1. Reduce the Number of Objects Loaded
The more objects, the heavier and longer the page will be when accessed. And the longer loading a website, it will worse reputation of the website. At this time, the speed of a site becomes an important factor for SEO optimization. So, the first step you can do is to minimize the object to be loaded.

2. Optimize Use of CSS
It is used for making the website page resulting in smaller CSS files. You can remove unnecessary code and remove CSS repetition. In this case, the use of the framework can be very helpful, if after the code is complete, it is not used in the framework and will be removed.

3. Compress Code
What is meant here is to compress HTML code that directly builds a website page. This is done to save the source or shrink the file on the website page so that it can do the loading quickly. The compressed code should be the final code and no longer edited. Before, compressed, just back up first so that when you need to edit the code can be done easily.
With these three steps, the website you have for SEO will be better and will not do a long load.

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