Tips for Designing Your Website to Attract

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jul 30

Non-canvas websites contain abstract paintings, we are passing on information to readers, not distorting their eyes. The most important thing about the website is the content, lest the background color you use is more crowded than the content itself. Color also affects the psychology of the reader, creating a mood, even intruding into the subconscious. Color can convey a symbol of itself even without accompanied by text. That is why color selection is one of the important elements of a web design. For you who seek for agence marketing de site web, you can visit our website.


Use a light color for the background and old colors for text, not vice versa. For example, a white or gray background for background and black or gray for body text letters.
If you are unsure of the appropriate color options, use grayscale.
Avoid using primary colors for background: red, blue, yellow. There are millions of color gradations in this world, you can choose one of them.
Select only ONE color to highlight. For variety, you can use other colors but with the same tone or gradation of the main color.

In addition, you need to pay attention to navigation. Navigation is like a floor plan or walkthrough that makes it easy for readers to search for any content category or product they want. Put navigation where it’s easy to find, also choose an easy-to-use navigation form to keep readers linger on your site.


Put the navigation at the very top of the layout. Can be under or above the header.
Categorize navigation based on the main product or sub-topic of your website.
For a better user experience, we recommend using ONE navigation line only.
Use the drop-down menu to separate sub-subtopics with sub-subtopics.
You can use the linear navigation or hamburger navigation.

Another important thing is the search button. Nothing is more annoying than visiting a website and not finding the search button. We will never know what readers want to find when it comes to our website. Navigation, category, and label are options that we provide, while the search button is freedom. The reader does not have enough time to search from one category to another or from one content to another.

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