Tips for Organized Moving from the Expert

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 06

Moving can be frustrating because so many things must be considered and taken care of in a short time. The following are tips from expert companies dallas moving company about organized and stress-free transfer tips:

Sort by room

In order not to be stressed, then clean the items based on the room rather than packing the whole house together. By following the speed that suits your ability, you will be more motivated to make the move

Pick items before placing items in the box
Before you do the packing, try to open all the rooms, drawers, cabinets, etc. and select items that will be taken, donated or disposed of. With this, you will only bring the necessary items to a new home.

Organize items from now on
Instead of organizing items in a new home, why not organize these items in an old house? For example, insert cleaning utensils in laundry boxes, toiletries into drawers, and still, use clothes hangers so that you can just move the clothes to the closet in the new home.

Take out cardboard items first
When it is finished, it is better to remove the items from cardboard boxes first without organizing the items inside. Instead of being overwhelmed, it’s better to remove the items in the cupboard, drawer, or the right room and organize the items after all the items are out of the box.

Maximize your kitchen space
Use storage boxes to be placed in the kitchen cabinets that are difficult to reach.

Use name labels
Put items into storage boxes and use labels to name the box. Using a label is one of the tips to ensure your organizing system can be used for a long time.

Create your own storage inside the toilet
Use a storage area for storing toiletries, or extra towels. If you don’t have a closet inside the toilet, use a stand to store towels, extra tissue, and daily beauty equipment.

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